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Use of the eLEXNET system (e.g., website, application, data, processes, etc) is contingent upon your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  1. Use of this eLEXNET application or the data therein for commercial or publication purposes is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of the laboratory that is the original source of the data, (i.e. source of authority).
  2. eLEXNET neither takes responsibility for nor guarantees the accuracy of the data. You should direct any questions regarding the data contained within the eLEXNET data repository to the laboratory that is the original source of the data.
  3. By submitting your laboratory's data to eLEXNET, you declare that it is correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Submission of your laboratory's data to eLEXNET makes it available to authorized eLEXNET users, but does not in any way release ownership of the data or limit the rights of your laboratory to publish or otherwise distribute your data.
  4. Participation within eLEXNET requires that each user must receive a unique user-ID and password assigned by an eLEXNET or laboratory system administrator.
  5. The user shall take all reasonable measures to protect access to the eLEXNET application and data including, but not limited to:
    • You will not share your user-ID and password with any other individual;
    • You will actively secure access to the eLEXNET application by logging-off of the eLEXNET application or the implementation of a password-protected screen saver while away from your desktop/workstation;
    • You will protect access to the eLEXNET solution by not actively circumventing eLEXNET security mechanisms;
    • You will utilize an up-to-date virus screening software on your desktop/workstation
  6. You will not submit any information to eLEXNET that infringes upon the copyright of others or is contrary to medical laboratory or health industry established practices.
  7. Your submissions do not entitle you to any compensation, monetary or other. Those who do not accept or adhere to these conditions will be prohibited from accessing eLEXNET and may be subject to prosecution.
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